Ways and walks through Berlin's Mitte resulted almost daily in a different image. The camera at eye level and avoiding spectacular locations, Ulrich Wüst took photographs with succinct equanimity of how the »new«, which had now became the »other«, ate its way over, in and through the usual structures. He observed how the city space is changing its character, how the block-like structure of solitary buildings - with the incredibly large inner-city open spaces between them - is transforming itself into a spacial one that requires terms like vastness and confinement to be redefined in an everyday sphere of experience. Gaps and open spaces are disappearing, chances to catch one's breath are being shortened, niches are closing up.

From the Text by Matthias Flügge

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  ©  Photos: Ulrich Wüst; Website: Pat Binder, Gerhard Haupt

Berlin Mitte. Explorations of an Urban Conversion

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